Square Enix: Order of War Demo Released – Available for Digital Download

In Gaming, RTS on August 4, 2009 at 1:55 pm

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Order of War Demo

Good news old chaps!

Captain Xsistor reporting from the front! The much-awaited RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game, ‘Order of War’ has been released on Steam as a demo digital download. Yet another mediocre World War 2 strategy game? Hard to say. The two RTS games that I was looking forward to this year are Starcraft 2 and Order of War. Square Enix did ‘wow’ us a while back when they released their trailer showcasing some of the epic combat with large armies consisting of tanks, air support, artillery, infantry and the works. Brilliant visuals and awesome sound effects rounded off the trailer leaving every World War 2 and RTS  junkie curious, if not hungry for more .

The game is set to release in Sept ’09 but as Square Enix announces on their website, you can preorder right away if you find you like the demo or if you’re just perfectly confident that this game will deliver above and beyond what the Holy Trinity — World in Conflict, Company of Heroes, and Men of War — can currently manage.

Order of War - Available for preorder

Order of War - Available for preorder

The boxed version is available for pre-order on Amazon for £17.96 with free delivery thrown in– not bad. A good deal better than if you’re American, as you’ll be paying $39.99 for your copy. But before you preorder I recommend you login to steam (or download Steam if you don’t have it), and get yourself the demo. I’ve done some looking around and have not managed to find the game available for download anywhere else. If I do, I will be sure to update this with the link.

Order of War Demo - Now on Steam

Order of War Demo - Now on Steam

Some Game Features

The list of included features makes Order of War an interesting RTS proposition.

  • Various campaign and multiplayer modes
  • Beautiful visuals and sound effects
  • Emphasis on macro rather than micro. Units are intelligent and perform the best actions on their own. For example, an infantryman near an enemy tank will attempt to use an Anti-Tank (AT) grenade on it.
  • Large armies consisting of upto 1000 units split across infantry, armor, artillery and air support
  • Set in the summer of ’44 – the most interesting period of the war
Order of War - Armor

Order of War - Armor

Company of Heroes is currently my RTS game of choice. It is truly innovative in a number of ways, and presents what is probably the first true innovation in the genre since Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Dune in the early 1990’s. The incredible depth of strategy and tactics in Company of Heroes make it rather unique in the genre. Men of War is technically a Real-Time Tactics game, but presents an interesting option for RTS gamers who like Company of Heroes but would like increased ultra-realism and a much greater emphasis on tactics, in exchange for the lack of strategy, less impressive visuals and the atrocious voice acting. Order of War, despite the impressive trailer, looks more like a traditional RTS game, where hoarding armies, pointing and right-clicking wins the war for you. At first glance, it may not  be able to pull the hardcore strategists and cunning tacticians away from Company of Heroes and Men of War, however it does seem like it will compete directly with World in Conflict and other similar RTS games.


Here’s the trailer for those of you who missed out on it:

I’m downloading Order of War as I write this, so look out for my update on first impressions. Here’s to hoping they have a playable Wehrmacht (Nazi Germany) faction available in this demo, with some really cool true-to-history heavy armor.

Until next time, au revoir.

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  1. I’ve been playing strategy war games for 30 years and COH is a horrible game. It’s too arcade.

    Order of War looks way better, like 1000 times better.

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