World of Warcraft Patch 3.2 Call of The Crusade Content Update Going Live

In Gaming, MMO, RPG on August 4, 2009 at 10:36 pm

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Call of The Crusade

Plans for the next major free content update in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft are already well under way. Both the US and Europe servers should be fully patched by sometime tomorrow and all set for players to enjoy the the cool new content.

The update will bring a slew of new features to the table, catering to two main types of WoW play, Player-Vs-Environment (PvE) and  Player-Vs–Player (PvP), while also introducing some additional features, updates and balance changes. These updates include the Crusader’s Coliseum (a new PvE update), an all-new battleground called the ‘The Isle of Conquest’ and the much-awaited  Druid animal form customization feature.

Patch 3.2 - Call of the Crusade

Patch 3.2 - Call of the Crusade

Let’s take a look at each of these features.

Crusader’s Coliseum

The Crusader’s Coliseum is a 10 or 25 man (Heroic mode) raid instance, which also features a 5-man dungeon.  This dungeon will have the raid group fighting powerful mobs and bosses in an enclosed arena- or amphitheatre-like setting reminiscent of Roman times. Players would probably recognize it as an updated hardcore version of Ring of Blood designedf or high-level raiders. I actually find this idea quite interesting, as it presents a few unique gameplay opportunities not found in the World of Warcraft metagame. It will also be possible to introduce greater randomness into such a raid, so two runs of the raid dungeon could likely be different. How much variation Blizzard’s development team have designed into the encounter remains to be seen.

As the video shows, the encounter will also feature some interesting mounted combat along the lines of the Argent Dawn competition. Read more about the Coliseum here.

Isle of Conquest & Battleground Experience

Blizzard is adding experience to battlegrounds. This update, and the parallel found in Age of Conan, were likely provoked by Warhammer Online’s (a.k.a. WAR) PVP experience (XP) and leveling system which allowed users to gain XP by playing battlegrounds. In fact, I found leveling in WAR  so boring that I did about half of my leveling through PvP. This was one of the few commendable features that WAR brought the table and were eventually adopted by other some MMOs. Blizzard, not wanting to turn away twink players, allows this PvP XP gain can be turned off by paying a fee if users would prefer to create characters leveled and geared to a specific level — i.e. so-called ‘twinks’.  However, twinks will now only face twinks in the battlefield. Overall, a big improvement. I remember the early days of WoW when we leveled together and went into battlegrounds for some PvP fun, but these days, battlegrounds at lower levels are completely dominated by ‘pimped out’ twinks who will own any new player with dramatic ease.  I can still see twinks entering battle grounds and owning other players as long as they remember to turn off PvP XP before they gain enough to reach the next level. But I suspect this change should still reduce the number of twinks picking on newer players.

The content update will also feature the ‘Isle of Conquest’  battleground. The battleground is an outdoor playing field along large 40 vs 40 PvP battles between the Horde and the Alliance. The battleground will involve the use of siege weapons along the lines of what has been featured in the current Strand of the Ancients and Lake Wintergrasp. Read more about this new battleground here.

Druid Forms

Finally the much-awaited druid forms make it to the server. Druids will now be able to visit a barber shop and customise their various animal forms, swapping them out for several new looks and color schemes. WoW is getting more and more metrosexual by the day, if you ask me.

Just some of the new Tauren Druid Cat forms on offer

Just some of the new Tauren Druid Cat forms on offer

Click here to view the details on all the animal form options.

Let the Joust begin!

In addition to the PvE and PvP content there will also be various updates to the ‘Argent Tournament’, including new quest hubs, dailies and rewards, and the return of the opprobrious Black Knight. Seeing as how he’s already been killed, I think something necromantic is at work here… again. Read more here.

There are a host of other changes and tweaks coming out with the patch. For the full patch notes view the WoW website. Looks like this should keep WoW players entertained for at least a while, while Blizzard chugs on with it’s secret new MMO. Blizzard seems hell-bent on squeezing WoW for all it’s worth by throwing out every manner of update possible without any changes to core gameplay or the game engine. I wonder if murlocs might be next.

I vote for Murloc Warlocks - that would be a fun class to play

Polearm-wielding Murloc Warrior... or something

But that is a story for another time. Grllllllgllglglgrlrlrlrlllrl!

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  1. Oooooh that looks awesome…cant wait to try out the druid changes…
    I miss WoW 😦

  2. PS: Murloc players should be banned!

  3. I wanna be MURLOC!!!i!!!

  4. I wanna play an murloc, but for now…..i am playing murloc village(priate server) and if murloc is next please lett them be cool, and hint hint: murloc don’t look that cool in armor, but seeing a murloc wielding a two hand wep, in murloc rpg is awesome so keep up the blades and let the armor out hehe

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