Xsistor has been involved with programming and technology since the time he was nine or ten years old. Having worked on some of the earliest PC systems such as the 8088 XT, the 286 AT and the 80386, he continued to follow his passions in the field of Computer Science. These interests grew into a fascination with and understanding of several fields: evolutionary biology, mathematics, computer science, formal logic, engineering (electronics and mechanical), embedded systems, VLSI and robotics. Over the years he also acquired a taste for computer games, game design/programming and the entertainment industry. In his spare time he writes, maintaining his blog and working on his novel – a ‘hard’ science fiction techno-thriller which combines themes such as robotics, evolution of species, phyletic change, and cryptozoology.

The name ‘Xsistor’ is a portmanteau word, combining ‘x’ as used in mathematics – the unknown variable – with ‘sistor’ derived loosely from the names of various fundamental electronic devices such as resistors, varistors,  capacitors, inductors, thyristors, and transistors.

  1. Nice to know about New Fundamental Electronic Device in the market!
    I like to know more about it i.e., Xsistor!

  2. I’m impressed. Considering I know nothing about most of your topics and still find your articles interesting.

  3. Thanks, Cynthia. I haven’t been maintaining this blog in a while. Maybe in a few months I’ll get time to start writing short blog entries again. 🙂

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