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Nerdvana! – Geek Quotes && The Self-Diagnosis Guide

In Subculture on August 8, 2009 at 2:16 am

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#include <std/disclaimer.h>

int main (void)

mov ax,@data
mov ds,ax    ; Begin

xor ax, ax
int 10h      ; Let's make the text a tad larger and readable shall we 🙂

Hello old chaps. Better, eh what?

There are a good deal of ‘memes’ running rampant through the Internet, and as the Internet was conceived, designed, and built by geeks it is only to be expected. As one who embraces the ‘geek’ in him, this author has decided to dedicate this and future “Nerdvana!” posts to exploring the culture, mannerisms, idiosyncracies, abilities and inclinations of geeks, painting them as the seperate subculture and community they are, rather than the social outcasts of popular perception. To a great extend the geek subculture has influenced the gamer subculture, and some of this has been funneled back into the geek subculture.

Do not worry - he's from the Internet

Do not worry! He's from the Internet.

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