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New World of Warcraft Expansion: Worgen, Goblins and the Maelstrom?

In Gaming, MMO, RPG on July 18, 2009 at 4:16 pm

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Whilst I slumbered new events have been shaping ┬áthe World… of Warcraft. Evidence has come to light concering possibly two new races that MAY join the ranks of the Horde and the Alliance.

Yes, this world. I don't mean the real one.

Yes, this world. I don't mean the real one.

Good news for all those ardent (addicted?) World of Warcraft players. Yup! A few diligent members in the online gaming community have managed to data mine the PTR (Public Test Realm) game files and uncover evidence of Goblin and Worgen masks for the upcoming Hallow’s End event (WoW’s equivalent of Halloween).

Goblin and Worgen Masks

Goblin and Worgen Masks: This one is courtesy of 'handclaw' on the scrollsoflore forums.

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