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Buying a PC with The Coolness Factor: How would you spend £1599 (or $2628)?

In Computer Hardware, Electronics, Gaming, Overclocking & Tweaking on July 25, 2009 at 1:14 am

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The Story: How the Xsistor® CoolRig™ 1000 was Born

I know I promised to do an ultra low-cost system build with my next one, but this one’s popped up and I just have to do it, and now.

My ex-girlfriend got her  second year electrical engineering results today. She had some really brilliant grades — first class honours. Naturally she was thrilled, except her Intel ex-work buddy was in a particularly gloaty mood and was on about this awesome new system he was getting. Standing in stark contrast to her own aging Toshiba  laptop stood the The HP TouchSmart IQ820, a truly mean piece of hardware. Not something her positively miserly, aging relic of a contraption could compete with. While she was elated at her grades she lamented that she would not be getting something better until she was done with university.

HP TouchSmart IQ820 Desktop PC

HP TouchSmart IQ820 Desktop PC - Click her to view the product page

She sent me the link asking what I thought of it… Not much.

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